Dina Elwedidi

A sophisticated and compelling musical innovator of Egyptian heritage and contemporary identity.

Dina Elwedidi channels the heritage and contemporary identity of Cairo to deliver “transcendent performances.” (Al-Ahram) A sophisticated musical innovator, her richly ornamented and detailed compositions, generous arrangements, bell-clear voice, and charismatic stage presence have established her as a global cultural force.

“Dina is a huge talent. Her voice is captivating and irresistible. There is a fierce personal-political thread through her music that opens a space for a future otherwise unable to be born.” (Peter Sellars)

With sophisticated musical hybridity, “Elwedidi’s songs reflect different temperaments and styles, from jazz to folk and underground rock, a combination of instruments and sounds that can’t be labeled under one category. She is shaping a new musical genre that has emerged in the wake of the Tahrir Square Revolution.” (Euro News)

with center stage

AVAILABLE  mid-July through mid-October 2018
TRAVELERS  9 (7 musicians, sound engineer, U.S. company manager)
VENUE  Large clubs, concert halls, amphitheaters, festival stages; indoors or out. Excellent sound system and backline required.


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