Going Global: Touring & Collaboration Resources

Jul 15, 2015

Going Global: Touring & Collaboration Resources

Deirdre Valente

Vice President

How can I tour in the USA? How do I find collaborators abroad?

The truth is, it's hard. Resources and information are scattered. Tax and immigration policies complicate international engagement. No single program (like Center Stage) can fill the demand. You need to do your home work.

Aimed primarily at performing artists, the subjective list below is intended as a starting point for exploration, research and networking. It moves from the USA outward and, unless otherwise noted, are open sources of information. All links are to English language pages.

This list is by no means comprehensive and focuses on non-governmental organizations. If you'd like to share additions or corrections, please do so in our comments section.

USA FESTIVALS, VENUES & NETWORKS (alphabetical order)

Alliance of Artists' Communities
The alliance is an interdisciplinary North-American network including professionally run artist communities, other nonprofit organizations that support artists in the development of their work, and individuals.

This membership service organization promotes American dance and serves nearly 500 aerial, ballet, modern, culturally specific, jazz, and tap companies, dance service and presenting organizations, individuals, and related organizations. Link above connects to the Member Directory.

Indie on the Move
A music industry's resource for show and tour booking in the U.S. with blog, touring tips, forums, etc.

Music Festival Junkies
Geared for fans and ticket buyers, this guide to music festivals includes USA, Canada, UK, Europe, South/Central America and Australia. (Though it's about time they added the continent of Africa to the mix!)

National Performance Network
Based in the USA, NPN is about community engagement, touring, creating, sharing ideas and knowledge. And NPN is about representing all artists who create something new and supporting the presenters (of all performing arts disciplines) who take the risk in showcasing it. And supports a sister program -- Visual Arts Network

Network of Ensemble Theaters
NET links a diverse array of (generally smaller) theater ensembles and practitioners to one another and the performing arts field, encouraging collaborations and knowledge building and dissemination.

North American World Music Directory
A directory that includes contact info of world music friendly presenters, festivals, agents, labels, and music more -- created by the US-based publicity firm rock paper scissors and their sister site Flip Switch. (rps serves as press representative for Center Stage).

Two of the largest US-based organizations serving the touring market are the Association of Performing Arts Presenters and International Society for the Performing Arts. Both of these member organizations are costly to join, and access to their member lists is limited, but their sites do contain information that can be accessed by non-members.


Artists from Abroad: Complete guide to US immigration and tax requirements
Artists from Abroad is the most complete and up-to-date online resource for U.S. immigration and tax requirements for foreign guest artists, their managers, and performing arts organizations.


Cultural Mobility International Funding Guides
This index of FREE guides to funding is an important global resource.

INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES (alphabetical order)

Contemporary Performance Network
A social media/community organizing network of over 6,600 members and over 62,000 members on Facebook. The Network provides artists, presenters, scholars, and festivals a platform to meet, share, work, and collaborate.

European Festivals Association (EFA)
The European Festivals Association is the umbrella organization for festivals across Europe and beyond. The network represents about 100 music, dance, theatre, and multidisciplinary festivals, national festival associations and cultural organizations from 40 countries.

International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM)
IETM is a membership organization which exists to stimulate the quality, development and contexts of contemporary performing arts in a global environment. More than 500 member organizations from 50 countries around the world are part of IETM.

Music in Africa
Launched in 2015, Music in Africa is an information and exchange web portal dedicated to the African music sector.

On the Move
A cultural mobility information network with more than 35 members in over 20 countries across Europe and beyond. "Our mission is to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation, contributing to building up a vibrant and shared European cultural space that is strongly connected worldwide."

Worldwide Network of Artist Residences for both performing and visual artists. Search residencies by art form, local, particular needs, etc.

WOMEX is an international networking platform for the world music industry. The annual five-day event comprises a bustling Trade Fair, Showcase Festival, Conference, and Film program. Web site includes an excellent global directory of artists, venues, festivals, music industry professionals, etc.

There is even more information in a previous blog post available here. Is there anything we should know about? Add in the comments below!


Photo: Hoba Hoba Spirit set list from Lincoln Center Atrium performance, September 18, 2014 as part of their Center Stage tour.