Hoba Hoba Spirit performing at Roskilde Festival 2013. Photo: Kim Metthai Leland

Poor Rich Boy at The Guitar School. Photo: Jawad Shahid

Tri Minh's Quartet during rehearsal. Photo: Sebastian Gesell.

A performance shot of Fleur d'Orange. Photo: Sifiso Seleme

Ribab Fusion by Zoom Photography

Arabesque performing The Mist. Photo: Duc Den Thui

Khumariyaan by Hasan Kamal Khan.

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There are very trying times world over. And here we are, Pakistanis performing in front of Mexican-Americans, South Asians, Chinese-Americans, Irish-Americans, and more. When you hit that positive interaction with the audience, it's not about where I come from, or where you come from; it's about what we share, it's about what we share in a fundamentally human way.

— Ali Hamza, noori

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June 17, 2015
I admit it: I was impressed with the very idea of being in Algeria. Algeria! To travel there with Center Stage on their advance trip for the 2016 season promised amazing talent, music, culture, food, and more. And it delivered on all counts.

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