Hoba Hoba Spirit performing at Roskilde Festival 2013. Photo: Kim Metthai Leland

Poor Rich Boy at The Guitar School. Photo: Jawad Shahid

Tri Minh's Quartet during rehearsal. Photo: Sebastian Gesell.

A performance shot of Fleur d'Orange. Photo: Sifiso Seleme

Ribab Fusion by Zoom Photography

Arabesque performing The Mist. Photo: Duc Den Thui

Khumariyaan by Hasan Kamal Khan.



March 20, 2015
Three weeks ago I returned from a 10-day trip to Tanzania. Traveling under the auspices of Center Stage, our trip includedtime in Zanzibar for the Sauti za Busara music festival, held in the island’s historic Stone Town. It was a 24-hour trek from Blacksburg, Virginia to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Along the way, I found myself aware of not only the geographic distance, but also the cultural expanse that I was traveling.