By the Numbers

By the Numbers

since 2012, through seven seasons

  • Hosted 307 artists in 47 ensembles (34 made their U.S. debuts) from 17 countries: Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine, and Vietnam.
  • Visited 113 communities in 36 states and Washington, DC 
  • Hosted 19 journalists from, and reporting in, Argentina, Armenia, Colombia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Ukraine to report on these experiences
  • Garnered tens of millions global media impressions (online and print)
  • Engaged millions more people around the globe through social media and online content

Some facts for Seasons 1-4 at a glance

A chart with large round circles of different colors, numbers, and text



A chart showing facts about how the tours work using large numbers



A key to the large chart below
A large chart with rainbow colors that give details on each ensemble

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