By the Numbers & Images: Center Stage Season 4

Apr 25, 2019

By the Numbers & Images: Center Stage Season 4

Adrienne Petrillo

Program Manager, Presenting & Touring

Following 18 months of planning, preparation, and promotion, the five Center Stage ensembles traveled to the U.S. to share their work with Americans.

Each group’s independent national tour was 26-38 days long, for a total of 164 cumulative days (more than 23 weeks) during which 41 participants from 5 ensembles and 4 journalists traveled over 22,000 cumulative miles to visit 34 communities in 19 states and Washington, DC. They directly interacted with more than 10,000 people at 57 performances and 91 off stage activities. Hundreds of thousands of people globally engaged with Center Stage activities via social media, and through live stream radio and video broadcasts. Ensemble members included performing artists, sound, lighting and video designers/engineers, and a theater director.

Dina El Wedidi at the KC Millenium Stage by Adam Lee
Dine El Wedidi at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. Photo: Adam Lee
Three women in traditional Ukrainian dress perform with 3 musicians in the background and a colorful backdrop.
Kurbasy at the Autorino Center at the University of Saint Joseph in Hartford, CT Photo Credit: Raymond Shaw
5 musicians perform on a flatbed truck stage. Small midwestern downtown serves as the backdrop.
Youssra El Hawary at The Storefront Theater in Lyons, NE
A 4 piece band plays classical Egyptian instruments on a stage in a school theater/gymnasium. An audience of students fill the foreground
Mohamed Abozekry & Karkadé in Burlington, VT
Nine people dressed for Pacific Northwest weather standing arm-in-arm on a sunny and misty beach at low tide. Mountains, trees, and houses create the background.
Teatr-Pralnia at the beach in Oregon

In addition to the ensembles, four journalist participants (three from Egypt and one from Ukraine) traveled to the U.S. to report on the tours, reflect on how culture is made and shared, and consider the differences and similarities between conventions and practices in the U.S. and their home countries through the lens of the Center Stage program.

From 2012 to 2018, four seasons of Center Stage:

  • Hosted 189 artists in 29 ensembles (21 made their U.S. debuts) from 9 countries: Algeria, Egypt, Haiti, Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan, Tanzania, Ukraine, and Vietnam
  • Visited 100 communities in 35 states and Washington, DC over 836 days
  • Booked 285 performances -- indoors and out, ticketed & free
  • Arranged 718 educational, community, and artist-to-artist activities
  • Traveled 114,000 cumulative tour miles
  • Connected with 141,000+ U.S. audience members, students, and peer artists
  • Hosted 8 journalists from Egypt, Morocco, Pakistan, and Ukraine to report on these experiences
  • Garnered tens of millions global media impressions (online and print)
  • Engaged millions more people around the globe through social media and online content