noori's favorite recipes revealed (plus see them perform tonight!)

Jun 19, 2012

noori's favorite recipes revealed (plus see them perform tonight!)

Adrienne Petrillo

Program Manager, Presenting & Touring

Tonight, Pakistani band noori (along with singer-songwriter Arieb Azhar) perform at the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage in DC to kick off the Center StageSM artists' tours throughout the U.S. Be sure to catch this exciting event by attending the free performance if you're in the area or by viewing a live broadcast of the show by visiting the Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage website at 6PM EST. 

I got a chance to get to know noori on a more personal level by way of food - one of my favorite topics! Below, the Sufi-rock band members dish on their favorite Pakistani recipes.

And, now I'm hungry.

Ali Noor's sweet tooth:
Gulab Jamun (a Pakistani dessert) 

Ali Hamza's comfort food: "Can't make it to save my life!"
Chuqandar Gosht (a Pakistani dish of beetroot with lamb meat)

Gumby's go-to recipe: "Nothing beats good old daal chawal."
Daal Chawal (a Pakistani dish of lentils with rice)

Rakae's pie: "My brother makes it best." 
Broccoli Pie

Zeeshan's BBQ addiction:
"We dont have strict family recipes, but if I were to point out what my favourite food cooked at home is, it would have to be BBQ'd lamb. The taste differs from place to place and the method of BBQ'ing usually dictates the taste. It's a simple BBQ procedure which requires nothing but salt and fine precision on how to place the meat on top of burning coal. As much as I would love to share it, it is only possible to learn it..."