From the Carpathian Mountains, Kurbasy traces contemporary connections to an archaic past.

Lviv, the eons-old Carpathian hub, holds Ukraine’s cultural core. Around this nucleus, spheres of tradition and innovation spin, collide and reform. The idea of culture as a cosmic living organism is central to Kurbasy, whose folk-based multimedia performances vibrate in tight vocal harmonies, resonant lyrics, culturally unique instruments, and phantasmagoric visual imagery.

Conceived and directed by the band’s three actress-singers, Kurbasy’s sonic-theatrical explorations of Ukraine’s rich trove of calendar song cycles, lullabies, and legends, conjure the natural world, beliefs, and rituals, tracing contemporary connections to an archaic past. 

U.S. DEBUT with center stage

AVAILABLE  June through November 2018
TRAVELERS  9 (6 musicians, sound and lighting designers, U.S. company manager)
VENUE  Indoor spaces best with capacity for video projections. Excellent sound system to