"Karkadé is “an epic, enlightened, and abounding musical journey.” (Télérama


“Spring is summoned, the summer season is celebrated, wedding ceremonies are sung, and life stories told. Kurbasy envelops us in magical-musical charm.” (LOCALCOMPASS.DE)


“We join some opposite things, such as something important and something simple, specific and general, little and great, such as heart and mind, such as theater and laundry. We act and we are ourselves. We ask questions to wash souls, to clean hearts, to freshen minds.” – Teatr-Pralnia (Laundry Theater)

“When I want to sing about something, I do. The reality is that ‘the street’ talks about many things, and I’m inspired by the people on the street, from a personal level to the political.” – Dina Elwedidi

El Hawary’s instant popularity is here to stay due to the uniqueness, elegance and unabashed honesty she has brought to Egypt’s artistic spectrum.” – Triplew.me 

Crazed, urgent stuff with an incendiary live show [from Jagwa Music].

The Guardian

Brilliant renditions [from Sanam Marvi]. A timeless and legendary voice.  

Express Tribune, Pakistan

Sounds of Kolachi’s distinctive sound sets it far apart. The band-cum-orchestra left the audiences enthralled. 

Express Tribune, Pakistan

Khumariyaan brought a new perspective of Pakistani music to the United States, and they are now enthusiastically sharing their experiences of America with audiences across Pakistan. Center Stage is an incredible program.  It opens doors for musicians to experience touring in the United States, exposes American audiences to talented international acts, and, most importantly, creates lasting connections between artists and audiences around the world.”

James Cerven, Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer, U.S. Embassy Islamabad.

With wit and physical charm, the story of a modern-day Don Quixote.