Youssra El Hawary

A Musical bellwether of everyday life, capturing the stories of Cairo and the charged alchemy of the Mediterranean basin.

Youssra El Hawary’s socially-aware, personal, and original music innovates as much in content as it does in style. In the half-decade since she became a slyly defiant sensation in the aftermath of the Egyptian revolution, El Hawary continues to be a bellwether of everyday life. With charismatic charm, her lithe compositions capture the stories of Cairo, and the charged alchemy of the Mediterranean basin that fuels her distinctive and soulful sound.

Perfect, easy magic. I'm totally hooked on music by this folkie-ish, indie-ish, chanson-ish singer/songwriter from Egypt armed not with a guitar, but ... an accordion.” (NPR’s All Songs Considered)

US DEBUT with center stage

AVAILABLE  July through September 2018
TRAVELERS  8 (6 musicians, sound engineer, U.S. company manager)
VENUE  Indoors or out; concert halls, festival stages, and clubs. Excellent quality sound system to enhance acoustic instruments and vocals; some backline required.


Audio Clips 

Dil Madina
Bahebb Agheeb