Sugar Knights, "Poor Rich Boy :: Zardarazir"

Sugar Knights, "Poor Rich Boy :: Zardarazir"

Apr 11, 2014

Poor Rich Boy is an indie folk band from Lahore, Pakistan that plays beautiful music reminiscent of Bon Iver and Iron & Wine. The band sings in English, which limits them on the local Pakistani music scene, but reflects a basic artistic yearning to connect with a broader audience. Their songs – layered with guitar, ukulele, and breathy vocals – have the introspective quality of late-night drives.

I’m so inspired by bands recording music like this in places as far as you can get from Brooklyn, NY. The most interesting people I know are from places where it’s hard to be cool. Places that don’t consistently reinforce and shape your identity, but challenge who you want to be.

Poor Rich Boy will be playing shows in the States this June as part of an initiative with Center Stage, a group funded by the U.S. State Department to connect international artists and American youth. That’s a form of diplomacy I can strongly endorse! Keep an eye out for the band and other Center Stage events.

Here’s another video from Rich Poor Boy for their song “Alice.” Granted, they could do a lot more with their music videos, but that will just be for the next step in their career.