The News,, "Poor Rich Boy plucks strings in America"

The News,, "Poor Rich Boy plucks strings in America"

Jun 02, 2014

Poor or rich, they’re definitely going places! All set to tour the US as a part of the Center Stage US exchange programme is Lahore-based indie band, Poor Rich Boy. Are we surprised? Not really. They had it coming.

After the release of their debut album Old Money, which was loaded with refreshingly unconventional music and even some politically underlined English lyrics, the band gained significant coverage in local publications as well as social media. On their official Facebook page, they recently announced the completion of a spanking new album titled We Are Your Friends, for which we’re all ears.

For a country where the contemporary sound of ‘indie’ is still – dare we say – an alien genre, Poor Rich Boy will be internationally representing Pakistan with a fresh face starting today with their performance at The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, and we wish them the best of luck. We’ll leave it to them to let the world know that there is more to Pakistani music than ghazal, dhol, bhangra and romantic pop.

Poor Rich Boy’s tour destinations include New York, Durham and Tiverton. May the ukulele strings be tuned forever in their favour!