L'Expression (Algeria), A theater company and two bands represent Algeria

L'Expression (Algeria), A theater company and two bands represent Algeria

Aug 19, 2015

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A great experience that our artists will not soon forget. We bet the best for them while waiting for the next year ...

This may be a dream will finally come true for both groups and for good reason! Music groups and ''Ifrikya Spirit'' ''Democratoz'' but the theater company will begin ''Istijmam culturel'' an artistic one month tour in the US in July 2016, at the invitation the US program''Center stage'', announced the organizers. Indeed, the program is to select professional artists of music, theater and dance, before inviting them to occur in the United States.The Center stage has selected for its third session on Algerian and Tanzanian artists. The''Ifrikya Spirit'' group, created in 2009 by Chakib Bouzidi, offers an immersion into the musical world of the Sahel region with the diwan music as a thread. His well catchy music is a balm to the heart and mind.The group will also perform for recall on Aug. 27 next to the Théâtre de Verdure, wood Arcades Riad El Feth under Diwane Music International Cultural Festival. This young group released their first album in early 2015 and has provided for several scenes in Algiers, Bechar and some other cities of Algeria. "It is a Center internship program every two years selects two countries to audition groups then they make the selection. This year, Algeria and Tanzania. 10 Algerian groups they chose two for a one month tour through all the States, more than 20 concerts, Washington, New York, Las Vegas, Florida, etc ... It's almost a year that had passed hearing ... ", explained Chakib Bouzidi. A group that deserves it. Democratoz for its part Oran is a group of rock-reggae that has happened on the international scene in favor of cultural events dedicated to youth. He is currently preparing slowly but surely, her album in the same studio producer who accompanied the wailers Bob Marley from 1974 until his death in 1981. 

Irreverent and rebellious, the artist willingly continues her artistic path towards the achievement of a high bill album to meet the expectations of his fans. Démocratoz will also perform alongside Vitaa, Triana Algiers and Gypsy. Democratoz on August 20th at the same place in the festival. A summer in music. With songs Ana Mazel djazairi or he will surely feel. Finally, inspired by the theater of the Algerian halqa and popular theater of the 1970s, the Association''Istijmam culturel'' evolves on an experimental theater that seduced register the program promoters in presets. The Center internship program of the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the US State Department managed by the Nefa Foundation (New England Foundation of the Art), has organized tours by artists from Haiti, Indonesia, Morocco, Pakistan and Vietnam.