Arieb Azhar added a significant, high-profile international element to our program that was artistically excellent... Even NYC audiences can sometimes need to have their eyes opened to new things, ideas and perspectives. Arieb definitely widened people's perceptions of Pakistan and Pakistani culture.

- Andrew Horwitz, Curator, River to River Festival

BélO was an outstanding advocate, educator, and ambassador for his country, and helped shape a new perspective for supporting and understanding the need for building a successful future for Haiti.

- Debra J'Anthony, Executive Director, Academy of Music

Each [Compagnie de Danse Jean-René Delsoin] work focused on a personal theme and reflected its country's roots, incorporating moments of raw, rugged beauty and times of silent, refined artistry. For those in attendance, it was a one-of-a-kind experience.

- Laura Vernaci, KCMetropolis.org

Today we met [with Jogja Hip Hop Foundation] the reality of the Bronx, what hip hop is supposed to be: the empowerment of community... and we got a lot of inspiration because of it. 

- Muhammad Marzuki, a.k.a. Kill the DJ

Martial arts, body drumming and chanting are age-old traditions; using simple means and an eye for sharp visual impact, [choreographer] Ery Mefri has woven them into fascinating theater... An extraordinary dance group.

- The Washington Post

There are very trying times world over. And here we are, Pakistanis performing in front of Mexican-Americans, South Asians, Chinese-Americans, Irish-Americans, and more. When you hit that positive interaction with the audience, it's not about where I come from, or where you come from; it's about what we share, it's about what we share in a fundamentally human way.

- Ali Hamza, noori

Brilliant, engaging and enthusiastic artists in residence at our campus/community for four days - what a treat! Loved the performance, loved the teaching, loved the company [Papermoon Puppet Theatre].

- Kathryn Maguet, Executive Director of Weis Center, Bucknell University

Our community got to enjoy a spirited and joyful performance [from Ti-Coca and Wanga Neges] in a style that was new and different than anything they had experienced before.

- Neal Copperman, Co-Producer, ¡Globalquerque!

Their depth of [Very Live's] enthusiasm for cross-cultural exchange allowed for very real - and often hilarious - moments exploring preconceived notions and debunking myths about Pakistan and the United States.

- Stephanie Pacheco, Outreach & Arts Education Manager at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, Dartmouth College

This program is a very positive approach. Perceptions only change... [when] people meet people. One person can shatter former perceptions.

- Zeb Bangash, Zeb & Haniya